The Tiny and Usually Solitary Gray Hairstreak Butterfly

Gray hairstreak butterfly photographed at Phipps Conservatory Outdoor Gardens, Pittsburgh, PA

Like the other Hairstreaks, the Gray Hairstreak butterfly is tiny and usually solitary. If your approach is slow and steadily toward its perch, it usually remains in place and allows you to examine it close up. This image approximates what your first meeting will look like.

So while this was 1 of 2 we saw that morning, Strymon melinus is always exciting to see. That’s appreciated because it permits you to position yourself, decide upon the optimum background and light and collect 50 or more exposures.

Most of our best images are those with wings closed, revealing the underside of the wings (ventral). Our subject here is most likely a female. We have a good view of antenna, those pookie eyes, the grays, whites, oranges, reds and black of the wings, reddish/orangish patch, blue field and 2 pairs of tails.

Photographed on July 28th, they may be seen from May through early October.

This is our 2nd post of a Gray. Our next one will be a Gray Hairstreak perched with wings open. You’ll like that one.

When they are disturbed, they usually fly to a new perch about 10 feet away. They are very accommodating and thoughtful.

Yep, when I spot a Gray Hairstreak, it’s a real pick me up! They are beauts!