Skipper Butterfly

Skipper butterfly photographed by Jeff Zablow at White Mountains Regional Park, AZ

We throw our hands up in absolute surrender to a moment in time.  It was September 2008 at 9:05 A.M. in the White Tank Mountains Regional Park, southwest of Phoenix, Arizona. Every never before seen butterfly brought welcomed excitement to my photographic endeavors. Of course that excitement was tempered by the stark reality of a brown skipper.  It was on the large side of medium, with forewing spots. You know that without an experienced butterflier at your side, the next step, identifying this individual, was going to be between guesswork and fruitless.

The photographic image is good. Its composition is OK. The slide begs the question: “Post it or not?” I’ve taken a chance and  posted it with the hope that generous NABA and Xerces folk will contribute their feedback.

Eufala skipper. Quien sabe?

Place your bets.