Summer’s Red Admiral Butterfly Resting in Maryland

Red Admiral Butterfly photographed by Jeffrey Zablow in Eastern Neck National Wildlife refuge, MD

Happily, we never became jaded when a fresh, undamaged butterfly comes our way. Here, we enjoy Vanessa atalanta resting briefly in the Butterfly garden in Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge, just 2 hours from family in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Red Admirals are among those whose appearance cannot be predicted. It just happens. Their visit may last seconds or even a minute or two and then Bye! Bye! They fly away at top speed.

It’s August on the Delmarva, and this one shows the interrupted orange-red band characteristic of summer Red admirals.

We read about their mass migrations, but we haven’t been fortunate enough to have seen them fly enmasse. Have you?

Ahhh! A fresh red admiral! How many times a year do I enjoy exclaiming that?