The Same Old Baby Blue Eyes as Frank’s

Common Wood Nymph butterfly on a leaf photographed by Jeff Zablow at Raccoon Creek State Park, PA

I’ve been on the lookout for some 27 years or so for Wood Nymph Butterflies with bold, expansive yellow fields surrounding baby blue ‘eyes.’ Several times I’ve seen incredibly beautiful ones, only to have them flee, as the best of them all did at Raystown Lake in central Pennsylvania, w/o me coping a single image of it.

Frank Sinatra, the famous Frank Sinatra made famous the moniker “Ol’ Blue Eyes,” and well, my own blue eyes did on occasion work well for me, truth be told.

This Common Wood Nymph, met at Raccoon Creek State Park in southwestern Pennsylvania, about rates that venerable title, ‘Ol Blue Eyes, don’y you agree. An 8-hour drive from Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, New York.


Where will we Find an Appalachian Brown Butterfly in 2021?

Appalachian Brown Butterfly II photographed by Jeff Zablow at Prairie Fen Reserve, Ohio

I seek and photograph butterflies because I love it. I totally enjoy arriving at our refuges, parks and incredible roadside spots, with the goal of finding and sharing images with you. We are a select group, esthetes who appreciate the finite beauty of butterflies, especially fresh, robust butterflies.

2021 is already yet a year I will not ever forget. I need an elixir, truth be told to restore in me, the calm and assurance that I usually feel. My hope is to fill that Rx with frequent drives to find and approach the butterflies of Georgia, northern Florida and nearby Alabama. Some of this will be solo, and I’m encouraged that some of it will be with the assistance of new and recent friends. They’ve offered their time and participation, and that is great news!

I sure want to find these Appalachian Brown butterflies in April, May and June. Where? In wet wooded areas, mostly near swamps. Keep your ears pealed for my war whoop! if I’m successful, for it will sound as a faint, brazen yell, coming to you from some pristine, amazing and remote place! Thanks Kim.


See Jeff Photograph [Butterflies]

Jeff photographing Georgia's Butterflies and glooms in the Eatonton Briar Patch

Jeff has often written about his life from his childhood to the present. Y’all know that Jeff does not golf, nor play tennis nor is he the 5th man in a regular card game. You know, and some of you recall that Jeff had a hardscrabble life, a kid on the streets, who fought more than you know, and often had long, hard steel accompanying him. Jeff served, completed OCS (Officers Candidate School) and truth be told, was once a Riot Control Platoon Leader. Jeff was a high school Dean (for Discipline) for years in Ozone Park, Queens, meaning guns, knives and pipes, and Jeff is the Dad of 4, he at one time a quite successful property owner in NYNY (that ended with the treachery that targeted him).

Raised in Brooklyn, New York, amidst brick, asphalt and concrete, it was Jeff who more times than not entered the then undeveloped ‘lots’ and sought fauna (animals) and flora (plants). Jeff did own 35 acres in the swell Berkshires, acreage with a Noah’s Ark of wildlife and New England flora, but that was lost after the above noted treachery of his New York ‘partners.’

Many of you have been visiting for years now, some of you for months and some for weeks.

Why does Jeff search for butterflies? What motivates him to set out alone, amidst sometimes ticks, mosquitoes, chiggers, snakes, feral dogs, feral pigs, fire ants, cougar, bear . . . with once again cold steel and more on his person?


ID The World Record Set By This Butterfly?

Painted lady butterfly, Vanessa Cardui, photographed by Jeff Zablow in Rosh Hanikra, Israel

Who among you will ID the world record set by this butterfly. Most of you recognize this butterfly. It’s a Painted Lady butterfly, and almost all of us have seen it before. Why is it unique among all of the butterflies that we see in the United States?

Is it the only butterfly that eats this or that? The only butterfly that Glassberg describes as found in “any open areas?” The only one to construct its chrysalis out of Puffs tissues? Discarded birds’ downy feathers? The only butterfly to fly here in the USA and also in Sri Lanka? Or is it the only butterfly to not ‘eat’ as an adult?

You’ll be helped by knowing that this Vanessa cardui was resting on rock alongside the Mediterranean Sea, in Rosh Hanikra, Israel (just miles from the ‘hot’ border with Lebanon).

I see you and some others got it. Painted Ladys are the most widespread of all butterfly species, flying on every continent in the world. Nearly every corner of the world enjoys the beauty and mystery of this handsome butterfly.

Seeing them 7,000 miles from home did bring a certain kind of comfort to me, truth be told.


Coppers In The Galilee (Really)

Lycaena Phlaeas butterfly, photographed by Jeff Zablow at Nahal Dishon National Park, Upper Galilee, Israel

We have many wingedbeauty Followers who love to see posts of butterflies in the HolyLand (Israel). I am happy to share some, for photographing in the pristine, almost unspoiled wilds of the Upper Galilee, Golan and the Golan’s Mt. Hermon, is thrilling, truth be told. To think that They walked these same ancient trails, and stopped to examine/admire the same butterflies, is very sobering, very profound.

So it was here, an encounter with this male Lycaena phlaeas timeus, a copper, met in Nahal Dishon National Park in the very Upper Galilee. He’s very vivid in color and marking, and he sports those classy blue spots, seen on the outer margin of his hindwing.

Photographing butterflies in the Galilee and the Upper Golan, wild, you don’t see anyone for hours. You’ve never done that yet, have you?

Not showing off, just stating the facts, M’am.