September 2016 in the Briar Patch Habitat

Jeff Zablow at Butterflies & Blooms in the Briar Patch, Autumn 2016, Eatonton, GA

Just 31 hours ago, I pulled into my Pittsburgh home. Three weeks (3) in Eatonton, Georgia at the Butterfly & Blooms Briar Patch Habitat. Three glorious weeks with butterflies . . . everywhere!

Northeastern USA groaned, with few butterflies of any species aloft. Georgia had the opposite. Butterflies were in abundance everywhere where I went.

Never, ever have I seen more butterflies at one time then I did here at the Habitat. Not even in museum, conservatory or aviary enclosures, have I seen what I saw there, for all of those weeks. It just took words out of you. My tops for this trip was 26 different species in a single morning. Back in August, it was a whopping 29 species in a morning. Holy Molley!

Here, we had spotted a rare, uncommon Checkered White butterfly. I photographed this male, all the while, Virginia C Linch (the founder of this miracle! in central Georgia) recorded me.

Did you hear my whispered Thank Y-u’s from your perch in Pennsylvania, France, New York, Georgia, Ohio, Toronto or Israel?

I’ll be back full force in several days, with lots of new images, and no shortage of sharing.