On the Mountain Serving as the Border between Israel and Syria

Cattle on Mt. Hermon, Israel photographed by Jeff Zablow, 6/16/08

Cattle on Mt. Hermon, Israel photographed by Jeff Zablow, 6/16/08

I do. I’ll not ever forget that morning on the peak of Mt. Hermon, the mountain that served as the border between Israel and Syria. At 7,000 feet above sea level, my guide, Eran, and I expected to be alone on that June boiling hot ‘top of the world’ mountain top. Not so, for see who we shared it with?

We theorized that these were Syrian owned cattle that regularly climbed Hermon to graze on its limited fare.

We marvel at the view here. It’s history, for sure. The mid-ground and background here capture Syria before it became its present Armageddon killing fields. Before Syrian army, Hezbollah, Russian ‘advisors,’ Cuban ‘advisors,’ Hamas, North Korean ‘advisors,’ Chinese ‘advisors,’ Pakistani ‘advisors.’ bin Laden’s men and more arrived to kill, rape and force out the tens of thousands who lived there. Ugh!

Me? I was there to find and to photograph rare butterflies, butterflies that lived there, and . . . nowhere else. Did I?


Added to the experiences I’ve had that I shall not forget. Good.


Eran Looking At Tomorrow’s Battlefield

Eran Banker photographed by Jeff Zablow at Mt. Hermon Peak, Israel

Eran agreed to guide me along the peak of Mt. Hermon. We were there, on that 7,000 foot high peak, at the northeastern corner of the HolyLand, this the mountain that looks down on the Golan Heights. We were there to find and shoot butterflies. Did we? More than I could have dreamed. Many of them were rare, only found on this mountaintop. Working this enormous Biblical mountain top, mostly alone, in that nearly boiling Middle Eastern heat . . . was exhilarating!

Was it dangerous that day? Not so much then, we knowing that Israeli, Syrian, Lebanese and U.N. lookouts had us in their binoculars and other advanced surveillance equipment.

Eran is seen here gazing down to Lebanon, where today, tens of thousands of Hezbollah fighters are massed, thinking that they, and their ballyhooed 50,000 or more missiles will massacre the children, women and men of Israel.

Keep your eyes peeled for news that the Hezbollah ‘Army’ has begun to move. Know that G-d will be there, and will deliver those ‘fighters’ up. You will retain this image in your mind of minds, I hope. Butterflies and barbarians, Yikes!


Seeing a Stunningly Blue Butterfly on Israel’s Mount Hermon

Common Blue Butterfly at Mt. Hermon, Israel

June 2008 was a very good time to be at the top of Mt.Hermon (Israel) and working to photograph butterflies.

Common Blue butterflies (Polyommatus icarus) are found throughout the country. Nevertheless, encountering this handsome male here was especially nice.

What say you of the stunning blue seen here on a morning with crystal clear blue skies and 7,300 feet above sea level? His blue evokes . . .

I was more than surprised to see cows grazing right nearby, at the mountain’s peak. My guide, Eran was not surprised to see them at all. Remarkable. See our post of the Cow on the . . .