Political Storm? Antidote? Pearly Eye!

Northern Pearly Eye Butterfly, photographed by Jeff Zablow at Raccoon Creek State Park in Pennsylvania

I am not a kid anymore, and truth  be told, this Presidential election cycle has captured my attention. Lots of you know some about me, and many know that though I was born in storied Brooklyn, New York, it’s difficult to guess my politics.

What’s shareable is I’ve always been a straight-up, do the right thing, fight like a tiger if you have to guy. Never stole a candy from a corner candy store, never shoplifted, never took a dime from anyone. I’m upset with politicians regularly, though I do recall that they’re not writers, plumbers, dentists, steelworkers, cops or pension specialists . . . for a reason.

I have at times battled with elevated blood pressure, and this political who-done-it has been triggering me, some.

Here’s the antidote for me, and for many of you. Our fascination with butterflies is engrossing, challenging, quite intellectual and I believe most importantly, sustains and nurtures our deep need for visual stimulation. I remember when I noticed this Northern  Pearly-eye butterfly on that Nichol Road trail (Raccoon Creek State Park, southwestern Pennsylvania). I made my slow, patented approach, and I did, I prayed that this Gem would remain there, in place. It did.

It’s beauty? Near overwhelming. Frieda A”H (Of Blessed Memory) had passed, and I very needed jolts of rich beauty and meaningfulness. This butterfly held that leaf, and permitted me to shoot away I Love the result, this.

Beauty, elegance and real-time meaningfulness? Complete antidotes at a time when the real world around disappoints.


Upon First Seeing A Malachite

Malachite butterfly photographed by Jeff Zablow at the National Butterfly Center, Mission, TX

It was Christmas week, when my friends pointed out my first and only encounter with this Malachite butterfly.

It was so so fresh, its colors vivid and it was calm, remaining where it was for Oh! nearly 25 minutes. Me? I considered whether or not G-d sent this Gem there, for reward for I am not sure what?

I shot away, from different angles, there in that darkened understory of The National Butterfly Center trail, we in Mission, Texas near the border wall with Mexico.

I ask that you compose a short Ode to Malachite.

Would you do that for us?