Now? Still One Of My Favorite Images

Maniola Telmessia (female) photographed by Jeff Zablow at Mt. Meron, Israel

I was on Mt. Meron in the Upper Galilee region of the HolyLand (Israel). Wasn’t my first visit to the mountain, and once again, I was working that same trail, not far from the mountain’s peak. Above me, a top Secret IDF military base, ahead of me, wildflowers and butterflies in abundance.

I’m quick to form likes, and I’d already decided that I Love a butterfly, names Maniola Telemessia. Like ‘Love,’ this butterfly was hard to get, so to speak. It was swift, and they did not tolerate my approach. Me? I don’t easily give up, not when ‘Love’ is real. There won’t ever be a Jeff’s biography, but when I am zonked by ‘Love,’ look out.

After much furtive (near useless/unproductive) following of Maniola Telemessia, I spotted this one, nectaring on a tiny, yet armed with bristles, plant. You know I shoot Macro- and Fuji Velvia film, requiring I make a patent-pending, ultra-slow approach. As I was doing it, she moved a bit, and her left forewing was now out of the shade and in the sun! I shot away, Pop! PoP! Pop!

Heere’s an image that will always be one of my favorites, of the perhaps 100,000. It just sends me to the land of Bliss!


Common Blue Butterfly

Common Blue Butterfly at Mt. Hermon, Israel

June 2008 was a very good time to be at the top of Mt.Hermon (Israel) and working to photograph butterflies.

Common Blue butterflies (Polyommatus icarus) are found throughout the country. Nevertheless, encountering this handsome male here was especially nice.

What say you of the stunning blue seen here on a morning with crystal clear blue skies and 7,300 feet above sea level? His blue evokes . . .

I was more than surprised to see cows grazing right nearby, at the mountain’s peak. My guide, Eran was not surprised to see them at all. Remarkable. See our post of the Cow on the . . .