Rare Large Yellow You’ll Never Get To See

Gonepteryx farinosa butterfly photographed by Jeffrey Zablow at Mt. Hermon, Israel

He’s a rare, very yellow butterfly, that you will never, ever get to see. Gonepteryx Farinosa flies in one of the 3 most violent places in the world, the peak of Mt. Hermon.

Crazy no? Here we are anticipating the year 2020, and this exotic large yellow, nectaring on one of Israel’s many species of thistle, lives on huge Mt. Hermon, lives surrounded by Israeli military personnel and sophisticated equipment. Why? Just below the peak of Mt. Hermon, on the northern base of Hermon, are killers. Killers of men, women and children. The last remnants of ISIL, the Syrian military, Hezbollah killers, Iran “advisers” and Iranian irregular killers, Hamas killers from Gaza, Pakistani advisers, North Korean advisers, Chinese advisers, possibly Cuban advisers, Russian advisers and who knows what other maladjusted men and women from the world’s savage countries.

You are unable to ascend Mt. Hermon. The Israeli military will not let you go up to see the 10, 11. or 12 very rare species of butterfly up there.

Me? How did I get this image? I went up to the peak with a guide, Eran, in June 2008, months after Frieda A”H (OBM) passed. My head not doing so well then. This unbelievable trip helped me, much. Was it safe then? It was before Syria was overrun by its own Rebels and by ISIL and the rest of the savage murderers. Even so, I was constantly off the trails (made over thousands of years by domestic cattle that roamed the mountain peak.), and I will never never forget when Eran called me over, to show me an untripped land mine quietly waiting for me to chase a butterfly its way!! That devil of a land mine was left over from earlier hostilities, on that magnificent peak.

Thank G-d for the safety of America and for the safety of nearly all of the 80 nations that some of you live in.


Tragic View Now, Scenic Then

Cow photographed by Jeff Zablow on Mt. Hermon, Israel, 6/16/08

The day after Christmas 2016, and selecting an image to post here . . . this extraordinary view stopped me. There I was, on the tippy-top of Mt. Hermon, June 2008 with my guide, Eran Banker. We were there to find and photograph rare butterflies. There are more than 12 species of butterflies found only on the top of Mt. Hermon. So rare that they are found nowhere else in the world.

It was a super! day, and I found and shot several rare butterflies. It was full of excitement, no greater for me than when Eran (IDF-veteran) called me over and showed me a . . . land mine, left over from the 1967 war! I served, but land mines? That chastened me, for hours before his discovery, I was constantly going off the ancient trails made by the cattle of another time!

Today I look at this picture of Elsie the cow, and Syria behind her. The Russians are now there. The Russians. Fully armed, armed to the teeth. That OMG! concerns my beloved Israel!!! Imagine if we have the Russian army and air force at our U.S. border?

Look beyond the lichens on those Mt. Hermon rocks, and the scrubby plants subsisting on the mountain peak . . . for it is reported that as many as 500,000 children, women and men have been murdered down there, in the last 1-2 years. Who amongst us can grip such slaughter of children? women? men? Whole Christian communities, slaughtered, or the lucky ones forced to flee . . . .

The Russian military is down there. ISIL is down there. The Syrian army is down there. Hezbollah is down there, with thousands of rockets (poised). The evil Iranian regular/irregulars are down there. Syrian villages and cities, mostly destroyed are down there.

The United States of America let this happen. Look again at this 2008 view. Why? Why? Why?

Some of you want these butchers to come here, as ‘displaced refugees,’ young, strong, ISIL-trained ‘refugees.’ Do rethink that, please.