Blue Eastern Tailed Blue

Eastern Tailed Blue butterfly  (Dorsal view), photographed by Jeff Zablow at Jamestown Audubon Center, NY

I’ve been busy chasing blues here and abroad this 2015 year, and now safely home and at my PC, this image of an Eastern Tailed blue, at Jamestown Audubon Center, gives me much encouragement.

He was taking some moments to bask in the warm morning sun, enabling him to then return to his sole task of the day, searching for and find suitable mates. The extensive field of the Jamestown Audubon Center’s reserve are lush and thick with healthy botany, leaving little concern that he will flame out that day.

What say you of this expanse of tasty blue? After joining with the blues of Georgia and the Florida Panhandle, western New York blues have nothing to be ashamed of. Period.