Take a Peek at this Viceroy Butterfly’s Striking White Dots Set in a Vivid Black Band

Viceroy Butterfly Butterfly photographed by Jeff Zablow at Raccoon Creek State Park, PA

A butterfly that almost always looks a bit different from the one before, this Viceroy butterfly has faint black line barely seen along the trailing edges of its hind wings. Stronger than that are its striking white dots set in that vivid black band that traverses all of its wing edges, the rich orangish of its wings and the dramatic white dots of forewing tips and head.

Where will you see your Viceroy this 2021? It stays close to wetlands, streams, creeks and lakes, and doesn’t travel too far from its hostplant, willow trees and willow shrubs.

Folks like us, who seek butterflies to score their images almost always stop what we’re doing when a Viceroy flies in, or flies past. Why? It just might be just like our response when we see a superstar walk by, Oh My Goodness, is that . . . ?

Nichol Road, Raccoon Creek State Park, southwestern Pennsylvania, a fine trail.