We Steadily Grow Our International Audience Adding . . . Estonia

Coupled Copper Butterflies I photographed by Jeff Zablow at Neve Ativ, Israel

I Love finding that our friends who visit wingedbeauty.com live well beyond the USA. Often I consider asking you, who lives in the Philippines, South Africa, France, Mongolia, Sri Lanka and Finland, why have you visited. Why/what brings you back again and again?

Me? I’ve loved and followed butterflies since I was a kid deep in the streets of Brooklyn, New York. I’ve seen them endure land development, rotten city air and the arrival of millions of new people from around the world. I’ve compared their beauty, when they are hours out of the chrysalis, compared it to the ‘Magnificent Jewelry’ sold in New York’s finest auction houses and antique shops and in the world’s finest jewelry stores.

Butterflies that are fresh and starkly beautiful are more exquisite than the artisans in the world’s finest design workshops. Me? I attribute their unexcelled beauty to work of . . . G-d.

Recently I noticed that we have a frequent and much appreciated visitor from Estonia. Estonia? Who are you and what brings you back, to our great satisfaction?


Skipper On Break in Clay Pond Reserve

Skipper Butterfly photographed by Jeff Zablow at Clay Pond Preserve, Frewsburg, NY

Stats once again. It is my belief that 0.00038% of Americans are able to ID the Skipper butterflies of the northeastern United States, or the southeastern United States, etc. This translates to less than 4 people in 10,000 who can tell you the name of the Skippers where they live in the United States.

Self consciously, I admit to have difficulty identifying Skippers. This one here, seen at Clay Pond Reserve, in Falconer, New York State? Is it a Long Dash Skipper?

What it is, is fascinating. Starkly beautiful. Met in thigh-high grass in on marshy land, just 30 feet from the pond. Resting, though I forever wonder how they make the decisions they do, as here, to take a break. What is the level of conscious decision making?

This stuff triggers me, that’s for sure.


Winter Antidotes V

Hermon Iris Wildflower (Protected Species) photographed in Northern Golan, Israel
This rare, protected Hermon Iris startled me, on that trail near Israel’s border with Lebanon. Startled me? Yes, there they were, a handful of them, unexpected and starkly beautiful. A trail that sees few, though you may have seen a post on this site of cattle grazing here about.

It was nicely warm that day, and butterflies and wildflowers lined the trail, Nirvana! The kind of morning that we in the U.S. are just some weeks away from enjoying. A winter antidote, No?

What brought this to mind, now? This spot is a 5 minute hike from the border. At this moment that I write, Israeli IDF forces are massed nearby, reports anticipating Hezbollah terrorism in this very area. Very rare wildflowers, butterflies, cattle foraging and terrorists from Lebanon nearby, terrorists who were not born in Lebanon, who trained in Iran, and whose work is training to kill civilians.