Sighting a Rare Clytie Ministreak Butterfly!

Clyitie ministreak butterfly (3) photographed by Jeff Zablow at the National Butterfly Center, Mission, TX

Want to see a Clytie Ministreak butterfly? If you lived where I live, Macon, Georgia, you’d have to travel those same 1,300 miles or so, to southern Texas, and then hope (pray?) that this “U-C” (Glassberg – Uncommon to Common) butterfly was about when you arrived in Mission, Texas.

I was fortunate to have travelled with Nancy and John from Atlanta’s International Airport to San Antonio, and then was driven those 4 hours to Alamo, Texas. That week, December’s Christmas week, we saw many dozens of species that I’d never seen before. Some rare species made their appearance just to please me, and for that I’m Thankful.

I’ve seen Kirk Douglas, President Eisenhower’s back of his head, Diana Ross, Mike Tyson and some more, to which List I add, Clytie Ministreak butterfly, at the National Butterfly Center’s Perennial Gardens, Mission, Texas.


2018 is in with a Bang!

Northern Pearly Eye Butterfly, photographed by Jeff Zablow at Raccoon Creek State Park in Pennsylvania

I’m back from the Rio Grande Valley, Mission, Texas to be exact. Just flew home less than 24 hours ago. Wow! I repeat, Wow!

This accompanying image of a Northern Pearly Eye Butterfly is one of my favorites. An elusive species of butterfly, but that day there it was, and how fine a Northern Pearly Eye, this one. This is one of those images that, back in the early ’90’s, I hoped, hoped I could ever share. An image that stands on its own merits, and that encourages and reminds that we are surrounded by G-d’s magnificent handwork.

I’m now shipping my 27 rolls of Fuji Velvia film to Parson, Kansas. You will not believe how many very, very rare and, very very beautiful butterflies we saw in very southern Texas. Short of a couple of cloudy, cool days, my Life list of butterflies ballooned out, in just that one week in Texas.

So, I wish a Happy New Year to you, and if Dwayne Photo’s returns good stuff to me, I look forward to sharing dreamy images of Erato heliconians, Red rims, Malachites, Gold-bordered hairstreaks (last seen in the U.S. in 1968), Tropical leafwings and so many more. Those and the largest, freshest male Monarch I’ve ever seen, and his quick, successful flirtation with an equally Big female Monarch.

To 2018!



Jeff Zablow and his dog, Petra, photographed by Jenny Jean Photography.

Merry Christmas!! Happy Chanukah!! and a Happy New Year!!! to you all.

What an extraordinary year it’s been, and how Thankful I am to have shared so many of our happy surprises with you. You.

I’m off to very southern Texas, NABA-land to make the acquaintance of a whole slew of new (to me) butterflies. Those common to the southwestern USA and perhaps some rarities (let’s hope!).

Petra prefers this look at both of us, as it hides some of her 95 pounds of Black Russian heft.

To ’18 and Health and Happiness for us all!