Lesser Fiery Copper Butterflies in a Doomed Field

 Lycaena Thersamon photographed by Jeff Zablow at Mishmarot, Israel

Lycaena Thersamon photographed by Jeff Zablow at Mishmarot, Israel

Home again. Four excellent weeks in Israel ended on March 22nd. I played with my grandsons, Hillel and Boaz, photographed butterflies, and did what I could to prune, trim and weed their garden in Mishmarot, Israel. That’s about an hour and a quarter drive north from Tel Aviv. Israeli home cooking is fabo, especially Rachel’s, learned in the kitchen with her beloved Mom, Frieda A”H.

Did I do any field work while I was there? Do chickens fly? Me and my Avis Mazda 2 set off on 2 super trips. The first one was to SPNI Meron, my 4th visit there over he last several years. That was my base camp for scouring the Upper Galilee for butterflies and orchids. Later I drove to SPNI Golan in the Golan Heights, and again success, this time sprinkled with some rain and some healthy wind. As promised, I did come within sight of borders with Lebanon, Syria and Jordan, but got no closer than that. How was Israel’s military, which I saw alot of at those borders? Strong, young and confident. I wish I could think the same of our own US military preparedness.

41 rolls of Fuji slide film are now in Parsons, Kansas, being processed. Funny thing is that Israeli Security “Hand Check-ed” my film in record time. It took just 5 minutes. They have good security there.

Regretably, the field that this image was shot in, just a 5 minute walk from Rachel’s house, is being prepped for the addition of new homes to this section of Mishmarot. Like in the U.S., the population of Israel grows, in part because of folks who find their lives in France, the U.K., Ukraine and Belgium, increasingly threatened by what my students used to call Haters.

And get this, every corner of Israel, even the most remote locales, have excellent cell reception. Evidence of Israel’s very advanced tech abilities.