Wood Nymph Butterfly at Frewsburg New York’s Clay Pond

Common Wood Nymph Butterfly photographed by Jeff Zablow in Clay Pond, NY

Clay Pond in very western New York state features acres of grass wetland. That day in 2016 there was a sizable flight of butterflies. I was seeing Wood nymphs, wetland Skippers, Satyrs, a Viceroy here and there, a Monarch or two and more.

My eyes were mostly searching for Wood Nymphs. Why? Ever since that day some years ago at Raystown Lake, Pennsylvania, I have been on the lookout for Wood Nymphs with attractive forewing ‘eyes.’

This one here was hiding in 4 foot grass. Once I made a successful approach, I liked what I saw, a lot. This Wood Nymph has scrumptious! ‘eyes,’ they encircled by rich orangeish borders, and those eyes have the bluish centers, something that I have always enjoyed finding.

One of my most sought after butterfly patterns, ‘eyes’ on a Wood Nymph that bring a smile to a Butterfly guy.


Edwards Hairstreak Hello

Edwards Hairstreak Butterfly photographed by Jeff Zablow at Lynx Prairie, OH

Angela kept touting the bounty of Adams County, in southern Ohio. Friends of mine were already planning to make that trip, in late June. Nancy and John would be coming from the Georgia coast. Barbara Ann from Frewsburg, New York. How could I resist Angela’s offer of prairies, butterflies, orchids, fens, meadows?

I drove to Dayton, Ohio from Pittsburgh, and  rendezvoused with most of the group. Cedar Bog did not disappoint. Showy Orchids, the first I’d ever seen. Big, big and exquisite they were. Just gorgeous.

We then drove down, Petra too, to Adams County and a cabin at Shawnee State Park. Others, Flower, Joe , Jane and Dave arrived, and we were a group heavy with field experience, especially schooled in butterflies, orchids,  native wildflowers, moths and more.

Lynx Prairie took my breath away. Native prairie, with wildflowers in full regalia,  coneflowers and butterflyweed in abundance. And on those butterflyweed flowerheads, Edwards Hairstreaks! Lots of Edwards. A sizable flight of them. I can’t remember ever having met this hairstreak before.

Look at this sweetie. You like?