Lang’s Short-Tailed Blue Butterfly

Lang's Short-Tailed Blue Butterfly photographed by Jeffrey Zablow in Binyamina, Israel

Photographing this butterfly was another Birthday present for Jeffrey. It’s November 27th, one day before my Birthday (B- because I love birthdays) and the farm roads surrounding Binyamina, Israel provide another gift for the Birthday boy! And it’s Lang’s Short-Tailed blue Butterfly, or more properly,  Leptotes pirithous. 

This male flew in from the tree breaks along the dormant fields and went straight for just about the only butterfly food trough around, Camphor weed.

One of several species of Blues in Israel, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon, Leptotes Pirithous are a delight as they fly in to feed. They graze flowers with singular purpose. When your approach with a camera is skillfully made, Lang’s Butterflies are quite tolerant and even cooperative. A little more head to the left please! and there he goes, pleasing you to no end. He’s a classic pookie!

On May I fly to Israel. My to-do list is topped by photographing on Mt. Hermon and seeking excellent photos of the Two-Tailed Pasha in the North. Any help you might offer with the Pasha, would be very appreciated.