See Jeff Photograph [Butterflies]

Jeff photographing Georgia's Butterflies and glooms in the Eatonton Briar Patch

Jeff has often written about his life from his childhood to the present. Y’all know that Jeff does not golf, nor play tennis nor is he the 5th man in a regular card game. You know, and some of you recall that Jeff had a hardscrabble life, a kid on the streets, who fought more than you know, and often had long, hard steel accompanying him. Jeff served, completed OCS (Officers Candidate School) and truth be told, was once a Riot Control Platoon Leader. Jeff was a high school Dean (for Discipline) for years in Ozone Park, Queens, meaning guns, knives and pipes, and Jeff is the Dad of 4, he at one time a quite successful property owner in NYNY (that ended with the treachery that targeted him).

Raised in Brooklyn, New York, amidst brick, asphalt and concrete, it was Jeff who more times than not entered the then undeveloped ‘lots’ and sought fauna (animals) and flora (plants). Jeff did own 35 acres in the swell Berkshires, acreage with a Noah’s Ark of wildlife and New England flora, but that was lost after the above noted treachery of his New York ‘partners.’

Many of you have been visiting for years now, some of you for months and some for weeks.

Why does Jeff search for butterflies? What motivates him to set out alone, amidst sometimes ticks, mosquitoes, chiggers, snakes, feral dogs, feral pigs, fire ants, cougar, bear . . . with once again cold steel and more on his person?


Tigers That Please

Tiger swallowtail butterflies photographed by Jeff Zablow at Raccoon Creek State Park, PA

I grew up on the streets (Brooklyn). Fought I don’t remember how many times. Had friends who were . . . ‘Connected (very).’ Served as an artillery officer during Nam (they never sent our 155mm towed). Served, yes, as a riot control platoon leader, trained more than you can imagine, for orders to take to the streets after Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated (Thank G-d we were not ordered to go out, for my men were mostly NYC police officers and NYD Dept of Sanitation guys (and afraid of . . . nothing)). I was a Dean (for Discipline) in a Queens, NY high school for 5.5 years, stood there as the first student to be murdered in a NYC school expired. Rode the NYC subways to college everyday for 4.5 years (I was totally poor and had to work after school), with long cold steel on me.

This rioting that is going on now, ignited and fueled by Socialist/Communist elements, they loaded with dollar$ does displease me, that word not quite telling what it does to my blood pressure. America has prospered, for so many these last 40 years, and those who did well, have done a poor job of raising their children. Their tantrum throwing kids are now, wearing fine clothes and stupid masks, throwing their tantrums in front of adoring TV cameras.

Yes, life is tough, I mentioned “poor” above. There were times we had NO FOOD in the house. Me? Never gave up. Never complained. I watch these kids, so adoringly filmed by cameras and cell phones, and . . .

So why do you, Mr. Smarty Pants/Tough Guy seek and photograph butterflies? Look at this young male, an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly. Apolitical, purposeful, elegant and determined. He’ll fly for endless hours, for many days to seek his mate, and while dong that, I met him, he taking a rest, before flying aloft again.

Here’s a Tiger that pleases, and one that so calms this Brooklyn guy, now happily ensconced in Georgia, USA.