Where will we Find an Appalachian Brown Butterfly in 2021?

Appalachian Brown Butterfly II photographed by Jeff Zablow at Prairie Fen Reserve, Ohio

I seek and photograph butterflies because I love it. I totally enjoy arriving at our refuges, parks and incredible roadside spots, with the goal of finding and sharing images with you. We are a select group, esthetes who appreciate the finite beauty of butterflies, especially fresh, robust butterflies.

2021 is already yet a year I will not ever forget. I need an elixir, truth be told to restore in me, the calm and assurance that I usually feel. My hope is to fill that Rx with frequent drives to find and approach the butterflies of Georgia, northern Florida and nearby Alabama. Some of this will be solo, and I’m encouraged that some of it will be with the assistance of new and recent friends. They’ve offered their time and participation, and that is great news!

I sure want to find these Appalachian Brown butterflies in April, May and June. Where? In wet wooded areas, mostly near swamps. Keep your ears pealed for my war whoop! if I’m successful, for it will sound as a faint, brazen yell, coming to you from some pristine, amazing and remote place! Thanks Kim.