The Mystery Kayak

Kayak rescue photographed by Jeff Zablow at Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge, Rock Hall, MD
The spices and herbs of life. There I was, working the trails of Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge, on the popular Delmarva Peninsula, in full view of Chesepeake Bay. A sweet little national wildlife refuge, great for birds and butterflies. This was my 2nd day at the refuge. What’s that? There it was, a redder than red, kayak. Look as I would, there was no kayaker.

The mystery of this solitary kayak popped several juicy scenarios in my mind. I’ve kayaked before, in Toronto and in New Jersey. I like kayaking and I like the freedom it provides, enabling you to slip into spots that defy easy access.

So the mystery kayak, my favorite rich red. A rental, someone’s favorite? A maverick kayak that floated away as she went off to examine some rare plant growing at the shoreline . . . Who knows.

What should I do?

I did what I knew I had come to do, seek butterflies, their host plants, their caterpillars, and revel in the osprey, bald eagles, turkey vultures, and different hawks that filled the blue skies above.

More soon about the next part of the mystery kayak saga.