Quiet For Two Days, We Are

Jeff Zablow and his dog, Petra, photographed by Jenny Jean Photography.

Just To Let You Know . . . that we will be quiet for the next 2 days, while we celebrate our Holiday of Rosh Hashanah. Oh, how we hope that all of you who visit us here, now and then, and your families, Enjoy the coming 12 months, fully and in Good Health.

At this moment, it’s sunny here in our 303 Garden in Eatonton, Georgia, with at least 32 butterflies flying about, seeking our Mistflower, Zinnias, Tithonia (Mexican Sunflower), Boneset, Ironweed and several million natives leaves, most still green and lush.

We appreciate you all, we do. Petra knows you bring zip! to my Life, and she prizes that, for sure.


Petra & Jeff

Jeff Zablow and his dog, Petra, photographed by Jenny Jean Photography.

Jenny Jean shot dozens of images of us. This is the the other image that stood out as the 2 best. The companion picture was posted a week ago. Many of you have been with us for nearly the entire 2 years that wingedbeauty.com has been posting.

After decades without the company of a dog, our Black Russian, Petra has been a treat and a handful. When I was a kid in Brooklyn, the attached houses surrounding us suffered too many break-ins, people coming in through windows at night. My family had a succession of 4 boxers back then, all stout, broad chested males. Thankfully, no one ever stuck their nose in our nighttime windows during our boxer era. Petra, acquired during a trip to breeders in  eastern Mississippi, is a terrific dog. At 3 years, she’s a big pup by temperament by day, and a serious shepherd of our well-being at night. Good.

I’m just at the end of Robert Michael Pyle’s Walking the High Ridge (Milkweed Editions, 2000). An important read for me. Clear examination of who, why, what and where for him and for me. Few reads bring me there.

Thanks to all for a good year. Especially, Miriam, Jim, Coralie, Chuck, Paula, Luise, Lonnie, Jock, Laurence, Michelle, Rachel and all of you. I love this blog and deeply appreciate your kindness and your visits. Thanks too for your patience with my offering of images. I have family in Israel, photograph butterflies while there, and offer them along with my U.S. Leps. For some of you, that may be novel, and I recognize that.

wingedbeauty is always a reminder for me of the almost indescribable beauty of all butterflies and the struggle that timeless jewelry artisans have faced when they attempted to copy G-d’s work.

Happy Holidays to all.