Apharitis Cilissa (Mt. Meron, Protected) (3)

Apharitis Cilissa butterfly photographed by Jeffrey Zablow at Mt. Meron, Israel

Back again with our shy, but determined Apharitis cilissa female, not alone on this SPNI Mt. Meron trail. We had hundreds of other butterflies, of many, different species here there and everywhere around us. Determined to capture dorsal (upper) and ventral (lower) wing surfaces, I shot away, with near total abandon. Because when she was nectaring, she would occasionally move her wings, as many hairstreak butterflies do. Each time she did, the spectacular orange of her upper wings would peek out. Wow! I loved the provocative burnt orange. Nothing within 100 feet could match its bravado!

So, after pitching quite a few ehh! slides into the dust bin, here’s one that we can share. My Canon camera’s built-in photometer failed on me, so my work on Mt. Meron was done. All’s well  that end’s well.

Once again, this is a protected species, flies only 1 month a year, and is found only in the vicinity of Mt. Meron. Happiness is different things for different people. Comments are welcome and encouraged.