Mystery [to Jeff] Moth Id’d!

Moth photographed by Jeff Zablow in Fort Indiantown Gap Military Reservation, PA

My eye caught it. My brain knew it was not a butterfly. Jeff’s brain calculated, Moth. Shoot exposures of it? Don’t ‘waste’ good Fuji slide film and add it to the cache of thousands of seen but passed mysteries?

At Ft. Indiantown Gap Military Reservation, less than an hour from Pennsylvania’s capitol city of Harrisburg. June 2015. My friends know the images of Regal Fritillaries that I scored that day. What a day, meeting the very rare Regal, in the sun, when the forecast the night before was: Rain.

Well here is what I did. I can’t remember ever seeing this Moth ever before. What is its name? Behavior? Preferred Habitat? Hostplant? Common, but little seen, the fate of night fliers?

Curt is about the only person I know who might recognize it? Phil? Jerry? Rose? Bob Pyle? Nah, what’s the chance of that (I did read like 6 or 7 of his books . . . [Which I recommend]).

Come back again soon, and we should be able to make a formal introduction.

Peter Woods shot back in near record time: That’s a pink-striped oakworm moth, Anisota virginiensis.

Thanks Peter.

More background information would be much appreciated, if you have that valuable commodity!