This Is Why I Do What I Do

Aphrodite Fritillary at Raccoon Creek State Park

I thought and thought and thought about what it is that I’m seeking to do with butterflies? I fashioned a goal, among a handful of other goals.

I decided. I wanted, want to score images as good as or better than those found in the most heavily used butterfly field guides. No, I never intended to have a Big Year, and rush around the United States, finding nearly all of the butterflies native. I do continue to work to get images, images better and better than those that I now have in our Media Library, and those stored in my slide cabinets.

A male Great Spangled Fritillary butterfly, shot in Raccoon Creek State Park in southwestern Pennsylvania. I am very pleased with this image. It is not Photoshopped, I never do such. It was shot with Fuji Velvia ASA 50 film.

As always, I urge you to provide us your Feedback. You are interested in butterflies, for you’re here. What does this one do for you?


Comment On This Monarch Head Spinner?

Monarch butterfly on Tithonia with intense blue sky, photographed by Jeff Zablow at Butterflies and Blooms in the Briar Patch Habitat I, Eatonton, GA

Taken in Virginia’s Butterflies & Blooms Briar Patch Habitat, we want to know what you think when you view it? Shot with Fuji Velvia ASA 50 film. Not PhotoShopped. A Fine Georgia day in the Piedmont.

Please do share what you think when you view this in mid-February?

What’s your thinking upon seeing this?

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Jeff . . . Who very much hopes to enjoy a Minimum of 20 ‘Comments.’