Georgia’s Rte. 77 in Hancock County

Route 77 View, photographed by Jeff Zablow at Hancock County, GA

Georgia’s county roads. How can they possibly tantalize you? You have probably never driven the thousands of roads in rural Georgia. This stretch of road then would, I expect,  just resemble other American country roads, shared on platforms like Facebook.

Not me. Georgia’s roads, like this one in central Georgia, some 1 hour and 35 minutes east of Atlanta, was too much fun for me. I stopped here, explored the wooded edge along the road, and discovered wildflowers new to me, and butterflies teased me to followed them into the trees, and to frustration. Pulling over the Tundra truck was no problem. Finding a parking space in Pittsburgh can be difficult at times, in my native New York City, changed that to impossible alot,  just keep moving, Sir! Here just get as far off the asphalt as you can, and all, all respect that.

Reopening this view sets my curiosity into mid-gear, ’cause once again I want to see what just over the rise of the road ahead. Beds of wildflowers, working farms, tiny hamlets, youth wants to know!

Georgia, where vehicle trouble is less a concern, because whoever comes along will . . . you can take this to the bank, will stop and help. Nirvana.


Winter Antidotes V

Hermon Iris Wildflower (Protected Species) photographed in Northern Golan, Israel
This rare, protected Hermon Iris startled me, on that trail near Israel’s border with Lebanon. Startled me? Yes, there they were, a handful of them, unexpected and starkly beautiful. A trail that sees few, though you may have seen a post on this site of cattle grazing here about.

It was nicely warm that day, and butterflies and wildflowers lined the trail, Nirvana! The kind of morning that we in the U.S. are just some weeks away from enjoying. A winter antidote, No?

What brought this to mind, now? This spot is a 5 minute hike from the border. At this moment that I write, Israeli IDF forces are massed nearby, reports anticipating Hezbollah terrorism in this very area. Very rare wildflowers, butterflies, cattle foraging and terrorists from Lebanon nearby, terrorists who were not born in Lebanon, who trained in Iran, and whose work is training to kill civilians.