Red Kayak Rescue (The Final Episode)

Kayak rescue photographed by Jeff Zablow at Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge, Rock Hall, MD
We’ve posted the discovery of the Mystery Red Kayak, and later that same day the appearance of the self-appointed Red Kayak rescuer. Chesapeake Bay is the stage for this colorful rescue.

The rescuer did not tell of any injury or death in the Bay, so the Mystery Red Kayak’s bust-out escape came without bad news. What it did included filling my thoughts with lots of scenarios, each possibly explaining the whole Red Kayak thing, and it added another notch on the paddle of the Red Kayak rescuer. Watching him paddle into the Bay was, well . . . poetic.

All this from Jeff, who was there to photograph butterflies, especially those at the northernmost reaches of their southern (US) range.