Everyone Have A Favorite Butterfly?

Mourning Cloak Butterfly photographed by Jeffrey Zablow in Toronto Canada

Cherie posted a photo of a Compton Tortoiseshell Butterfly yesterday, in Ontario, Canada. That sure got my attention. I’ve seen 3 Compton in these 27 years, and my only image of a Compton was taken while I was about 12 feet away, me using a Macro- lens! Cherrie’s Compton sure got me to thinking, and I Commented on her Facebook post, writing how much I wanted to see another Compton, and how fortunate she was to live in the Land of Tortoiseshells, Mourning Cloaks and species of Comma butterflies. When you are lucky enough to see one of them when they are fresh, you know that scoring a good image will later bring a flood of views, and the Comments you’ll reap, Oh My Goodness!

There’s one of these Brushfoots that is my favorite butterfly. Here it is, a fresh, richly colored Mourning Cloak Butterfly, seen in a city park, Don ________ Park in Toronto, Canada. I was strolling with an acquaintance in the park when I noticed a break in the bushes. I just had to head through that only break in those closely planted shrubs. As I went through those bushes, I must have been on a deer path. It continued for about 40 feet, and there, in a small clearing, was a stand of Common Milkweed. My eyes opened Wide, for on those blooming milkweed were Mourning Cloaks, lots of them!!!

This was one of them, and I love this picture. Study it, its lush, lurid colors. What do you think?

That same year, I was brought to tears [Please don’t tell folks this admission] when a Mourning Cloak circled me several times from 30 feet up, and came down and . . . landed on my hat. Frieda A”H died just months before, and this mystical experience melt me like I was butter or something.

I love stuff, and especially Mourning Cloak Butterflies.


I Was Walking Through the . . .

Israeli Wildflower butterfly photographed by Jeffrey Zablow at Neve Ativ, near the base of Mt. Hermon, Israel.

I am reminded of a very dated tune, I was walking through the park one day, in the very very month of May, when I was taken by surprise by . . . Happened to me just about that way in a field at Neve Ativ, near the base of Mt. Hermon, Israel.

Nursing my 50 or so rolls of Fuji slide film, I must corral my occasional excitement, when new wonders introduce themselves, unexpectedly. Well, not exactly unexpectedly. I did drive several hours north from my children’s home near Pardes Hanna . . . and that was all about seeking new opps and new adventures and especially, new images to share with you. Often, I would make little audible reminders to myself, you’re here for butterflies, No?

So there we were in the last days of May 2013, and hardened as I am to this enigma, I was taken by surprise by these enticing blooms. I went through the usual exercise, and concluded that Hey, I may never be lucky enough to set eyes on this wildflower again, and most importantly, they appeal to me.

My field guides and texts, of Israeli wildflowers, a)are all in Hebrew and b)don’t include this species. Oh, if only an Israeli botanist or naturalist will jump in and help us identify and learn more about . . .