Lycaena Thersamon Butterfly (Mt. Meron)

Lycaena Thersamon photographed by Jeff Zablow at Mt. Meron, Israel

Close. Get Closer. Oh, oh, oh! Fresh, sparkling color and . . . not bird, lizard, insect struck. Right up to her. I took 2 exposures when I was 3 feet away from her. She is tiny, so I carefully (See Technique feature above) continued my robotic approach. I’m in position for my macro- work, and the beauty continues to nectar, some 12″ from my macro- lens (100, 2.8). She is wonderful.

Known as the Lesser Fiery Copper, related to the American Copper butterfly that we enjoy here in the northeastern U.S.. One of the very small butterflies that hikers usually overlook. Why? my eyes were always attuned to birds, butterflies, grasshoppers, bees, flies, botany (all), squirrels, chipmunks, cottontail rabbits, whitetail deer . . . ? Oops! slow down, Jeff.

In closing, I love these tiny coppers, all bedecked, fearless, purposeful.



She Lowered Her Guard. . . .

Maniola Telmessia (female) photographed by Jeff Zablow at Mt. Meron, Israel

This is the way it is when you pursue wild beings. They are super attentive to any approach, and sustain that level of high alert. Experience has taught me to wait. Sometimes, sometimes that suspicion slips, especially when attractive nourishment is there.

This Turkish Meadow Brown butterfly (Maniola telmessia) flew to this tiny, but abundant wildflower. She began to sip nectar, with her wings closed. Turkish meadow brown butterflies rarely open their wings for you. Friends who follow know that I rank this one high on my list of Favorites. They are beautiful. Dozens of images of them, yet still going for a shot with wings open, with that dorsal surface and its Daddah! spot awash in yellow, orange & black.

So I waited. She nectared. Then, OMG! She opened her wings. You know, I am currently reading a biography of Roger Tory Peterson. I respectfully share that Peterson, Pyle, Fisher, Destrade, Nabokov, Linch, Kaufman, Malone and I all enjoy such moments. Moments when especially beautiful creatures shine. They just shine. Sparkle!

She lowered her guard, revealing that shmeksy! left upper wing. The morning sunlight, on the slope of Mt. Meron (Israel), kissed her wing, and here it is, my best shot!