I rubbed my eyes and it was real!

Monarch butterfly photographed by Jeff Zablow at Raccoon Creek State Park

I went into my backyard today, and my right eye caught a glimpse of a large butterfly. I purposefully working the plants in the ‘shed bed.’ OMG! She was . . . a Monarch. April 1, 2019 and this big Monarch female was, and here again I was incredulous, she was examining my just budding out Asclepias.

I made a very slow, very robotic approach and she fled. I  saw her. She was not birdstruck, but she had lost many scales, and her orange was very dull.

I went to examine my other garden beds, and maybe 5 minutes later I went back to the shed bed. Just then she flew back to the shed bed, and began depositing eggs on my milkweed (Asclepias).

Minutes later she left.

Happily rocked, I smiled, for I had just met a female Monarch butterfly, who had flown all the way from Mexico to my yard in Eatonton, Georgia. A heroic Monarch, who rewarded me with her eggs, in my garden of all places. The eggs of a Joan of Arc, or Margaret Thatcher, or Golda Meier, or Christie Brinkley.

If she’d waited a bit more, I was tempted to practice my waining Spanish on her. But nope, she left, on April 1, believe it or not.


Prime Meadow Habitat . . . Doomed? Partial View

Traci Meadow Trail photographed by Jeff Zablow in Fayette Township, PA

Some two weeks ago, we posted Prime Meadow Habitat . . . Doomed?  You saw the view to the north of Traci’s Meadow, looking to the homes built at the crest of the gently rising meadow. Here you can see the path cut through the west edge of the meadow, ending at Partridge Road. Traci, who lives just out of view, across the road, brought me to this gem of a meadow, presumably historically linked to a much earlier time.

We exceeded 120 views of this particular blog post that day. Folks from near and very far away saw and mulled over this doomed acreage, another doomed meadow.

Traci and I speculated if this would tickle the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy or some John Bears Firtipton, who would hesitate not 1 minute, and have their downtown Pittsburgh legal eagles purchase this sweet spot, just 8 miles from their lofty office windows.

Nah. It seems like everyone is resigned to lose more meadow. No Joan of Arc in sight. Sad is the word, isn’t it?