Yes Bonnie . . .

Darner dragonfly photographed by Jeff Zablow at Mishmarot, Israel
Weeks spent in and on the mountains, fields, groves and backroads of Israel. Glorious weeks, ticking away the time until that El Al airline lifts off the runway and the 13 hour flight back to Pittsburgh. Always alone in whatever habitat, but come to think of it, never alone. Bee, flies, butterflies, lizards, birds, insects, spiders, and those occasional, mysterious gentle movements in nearby growth, signaling, I guess, the presence and withdrawal of animals larger and better left unannounced.

Yes Bonnie, another Middle Eastern Darner. And again, for the moment I cannot identify it for you.

Let me say once again, I find it difficult to pass up the challenge of photographing a darner like this one, all  ebony black, with dappling of blue here and there. If you tire of the same old, same old, invest a few moments of your time and examine a vital darner ( ‘dragonfly’). What follows, for the young and the curious is absolute amazement, i.e., What a feat of design and engineering!

This is among the last of the 53, from June and July 2014. Maybe another post or maybe 2, then our USA Thanksgiving Weekend Break, with my Birthday! neatly folded into that ( the 28th). Yay!