Common Checkered Skipper at the Habitat

Checkered Skipper Butterfly on Lantana photographed by Jeff Zablow in the Briar Patch Habitat in Eatonton, GA

Another catch-me-if-you-can little skipper at the Briar Patch habitat in Eatonton, Georgia. You’d raise your eyebrows if you knew how much time I spent trying to get tykes like this female to stop and allow me to photograph a good series of exposures. Fortunately, they nectar heavily, and that enables you to know where they are, ’cause they are searching for flowers oozing high carbohydrate nectar.

Pyrgus communis/albescens fly from southern New York to Florida. They are a treat to meet, so busy and earnest in their search for sweet drink. Males are incessant searchers for mates, throughout the day.

These skippers are residents in Eatonton, but not way up where I live in Pittsburgh. We see them around Pennsylvania, but the ones we see have flown south, to recolonize here.

As Tinkerbell in Peter Pan, you’ve got to keep your eyes open for them in this downtown Eatonton Butterflies & Blooms in the Briar Patch, for if you miss them, you are, missing out on tantalizingly neat butterflies.