In Pennsylvania’s Laurel Highlands a Meadow Fritillary Butterfly Visits a Dry Meadow

Meadow Fritillary Butterfly at Rector, PA

It’s late morning in an expansive meadow in Rector, Pennsylvania. The Laurel Highlands is a beautiful and sylvan area in southwestern PA. Fittingly, this Meadow Fritillary is methodically nectaring on wildflowers. They prefer damp meadows, but as we see here, they also visit dry meadows.

This adult Meadow Fritillary is nectaring on Lance-leaved Goldenrod (Euthamia graminifolia). They are approachable when they are nectaring. Boloria bellona’s caterpillars feed upon those little violet plants that we often overlook. Violets are the host plants for many of the fritillaries.

Please make a point of seeing our post of the dorsal (above) view of a Meadow fritillary. The 2 photos complement one another. Although described in field guides as widespread, we see very few of them each year.


From the Luxurious Arboretum in Israel’s Coastal Plain, We have a Long-Tailed Blue Butterfly

Long-Tailed Blue Butterfly at Ramat Hanadiv, Israel

We’ve posted the dorsal view of the Long-tailed blue butterfly. Here is the view that we usually see. Ah, those eyespots!

Taking a break at Ramat Hanadiv, the luxurious arboretum in Israel’s coastal plain, Lampides boeticus shows her characteristic white stripe in this view.

Photographed in July 2009, it is found throughout Israel and it quite common in a variety of habitats, including in the center of Tel Aviv.