You Still Haven’t Booked?

Tour Bus entering Capernum National Park, photographed by Jeff Zablow at Lake Kinneret, Golan Heights, Israel

Three days before New Years Day. Just 3, with 2017 beckoning! This will be your year. There is a new excitement in the air here in these butterfly-rich United States of America.

You’ve worked hard all your life, ever since those post-Sunday School days. Lots of you boast kids grown, and out.

The news is full of Trump, Obama, and promising, optimistic, real change. Heroics are in the air. President Obama snakebit Israel, President-Elect Trump promises to finally send the UN out to get a branch, and come back for a ‘likin.’

Get online, book a round trip on El Al Airlines, finally, finally, see Jerusalem, Bethlehem, the Galilee region, and be on this bus here, as it takes you and your new friends right to Capernum!

You be the one on the bus, and return home and revel your family and friends with the Wonder of It!

Know too that the Galilee region, the Golan region, the hills surrounding Haifa, as well as the land surrounding Jerusalem are rich with them . . . butterflies!


Butterflies, Capernum, Bethlehem and Jerusalem

Capernum, photographed by Jeff Zablow at Lake Kinneret, Golan Heights, Israel

I know that this image will sing to so many of the wonderful folks who visit Do you recognize it? I’m standing at it’s entrance, and we are looking across The Sea of Galilee. The hills across the Sea are wonderful natural heights that effectively separate Israel from its neighbor to east, Jordan.

I was here, on my way back from photographing butterflies further south, very, very close to the Jordanian-Israel border. The dark clouds and light drizzle that dogged my fieldwork that morning had burned off here.

This is Capernum National Park. Capernum, the same Capernum that you may have tried to envision, back in Sunday school, sometime back.

Butterflies, Capernum, Bethlehem and Jerusalem. Some of you have the wherewithal, others of you are 1 lottery ticket away from it. If this post triggers any one of you to book your flight to the HolyLand, let me know. Maybe we can coordinate 2017 Victory trips. No?