Plain Tiger Butterfly (2)

Plain Tiger butterfly photographed by Jeff Zablow at Mt. Meron, Israel

Spent quite a few days following these beautiful butterflies, usually having them give me the slip, when I thought I was about to be in good position. I did not give up, as I was in Israel, the home of do not give up. Success was the reward for this persistence, and I’ve loaded several images of these Israeli Danaus butterflies. Fresh or worn, their coloration is striking, and I’m a big fan.

Where? The orchards within walking distance from my children’s home in Mishmarot. An irrigation ditch running through abounds with botany, including a healthy stand of Typha (cattail). When? Early morning. July 2014 chased me home each day, at 11 A.M.. No way I can work in the full sun of Israel. Of course on the walk home, I passed construction workers building, oblivious to the scorching sun. Impressive.

Here we have a male, so focused on quickly retrieving nectar that he forgot that he didn’t want me to approach him. How do we ID him as male? That lowermost black spot on his right hindwing, with its white center, is only present on males. Remember, our USA Monarch males possess small, black glandular structures at just about the same place on their hindwings.

A treat for the eyes? No?