Pink Butterfly Orchid. Guess Where?

Pink Butterfly Orchid (2 stalks), photographed by Jeff Zablow at Mt. Meron, Upper Galilee, Israel

It’s February 2016, and winter here is coming to a predictable end. I’ve been keeping my eyes open lately, searching for more than butterflies. Exploring forests, bogs, swamps, fens and more, I’ve been bumping into new ‘friends.’ Orchids.

Orchids demurely stand, sometimes in full view, and often this hiding in plain view leaves them unnoticed. Imagine that. Fugitives from justice often use this same tactic.

So there I was, on a trail bordered on both sides by lush new growth, most sporting blooms of a palette of pastels. This pair of orchid flower stalks were just inches from the trail edge. Delicate, beautiful and determined. Audrey Hepburn-ish, and equally beautiful.

The media works to convince you that this land is a land of desolation and strife. Hooey. We are at the base of Mt. Meron, far, far to the north of Israel’s Upper Galilee region, a handful of miles from poor, terrorist ridden Lebanon.

Pink Butterfly Orchid, and I ask what you think of this delicate and sturdy at the same time orchid, growing inches from the passing paws of sometimes jackals, antelope, wild boar, wolves, and more?