Warning: Not For The Faint Of Heart II

Black and Yellow Argiope 3 photographed by Jeff Zablow at Powdermill Wildlife Refuge, Rector, Pennsylvania

This, I believe is that Black and Yellow Argiope spider, seconds after we saw her in Warning: Not For The Faint Of Heart. She has immobilized the grasshopper and for added assurance, wrapped it in sticky web.

Me? I examine her closely, and what do I think? Amazing, the design features that this beautiful creature displays,  . . . all that from the Cr-ator.

Me? I remember this experience as if it were yesterday. She put on a show for me, and allowed so many exposures, so that I share them with you.

If you can get beyond the fear that some have of her, she is an engineering study, for sure.


8 Years And No ID On This Moth

Moth photographed by Jeffrey Zablow at Mt. Hermon, Israel

What you remember amidst all that you forget. It’s been 8 years since this moth flew toward where I was standing, on the peak of Mt. Hermon. The south face of Hermon is war ravaged Syria, just to add some spicy irony to this setting.

It’s not a butterfly, yes, but the peak of this mountain supports many very rare butterflies, and I thought, Hey! this might be a very rare moth! So I shot away, that June 2008. You see my image of this beautiful creature.

wingedbeauty.com posted this photo, asking for ID from our moth experts.


Of course I try one more time. Anyone able to ID this Middle Eastern moth? found on top of Mt. Hermon?