Jeff’s Earrings: Part Two

“Oh No,” I said to myself, trying to signal her with my arm to stop. She continued talking and I backed away. The butterflies were unbelievably still in place, so I quietly asked her to stop talking. I shared with Sylbie that there was an exceptional pair of butterflies “in the weeds.”

Suddenly, the butterflies flew up and were gone!!! Ugh!

Sylbie told me “No, they had not gone, they had flown onto your hat.” She had to say it twice, as I could scarcely believe her.

She told me to give her my camera, and she’d shoot this extraordinary sight. I thought for sure if I reached over to her, they would leave for good. I carefully handed her the camera, and switched it from Manual to Automatic setting.

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Sylbie started to shoot. Then the most incredible thing happened . . .

(part three)