Eatonton Georgia: Rock Hawk Effigy

Rock Hawk Effigy is just off of Route 16 in Eatonton, Georgia. This site of a Native America hawk effigy is beyond fascinating, especially when viewed from the tower at its base. I like to go the Rock Hawk Nature trail, which I reach by turning right at about 300 feet from Route 16. Leave your vehicle in the convenient parking lot, and begin your hike. You’ll be kept sharp and alert by the realistic wildlife forms set here and there along the trail. They might startle you as they really look like turkey, deer, boar and bear. Butterflies present themselves in pocket habitats accessed from the trail, including a granite outcrop with abundant Yucca. At the Nature trail’s end, I usually continue into Dave Denton Waterfowl Refuge. This Refuge has hundreds of feet of wildflowers between the trail and duck pond’s edge.