Our 2016 Jamestown Butterfly Presentation

Jeff Zablow at Audubon Center & Sanctuary, presenting at First Fridays, June 2016

Did you notice? I lead with the word “Our.” Good reason for that. Our June 3, 2016 presentation at the Jamestown Audubon Center was sheer pleasure. The room was filled, and more chairs had to be gotten, and then some people were left standing! Imagine how pleased I was, as more and more people joined us.

I write “Our” because that was how it felt to me. I cannot remember bringing my images and story to a more intensely committed audience. I felt it in the air, it was an elixir for sure, and trust me in this, I think every one of them picked up the same mojo.

How did we get There? The PowerPoint screen was the best I’ve ever used. Responsive, trouble-free, and, and the images almost made me Gasp! they were so real-time correct, color, background, each image caused me to smile inside, and that was so Good.

Some of the shares were taken at Jamestown’s own reserve (a real destination, that), many at Raccoon Creek State Park, others in Eatonton, Georgia, Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Cambridge, Maryland, and Big Bend Wildlife Management Area in Florida’s Panhandle and a couple in Israel, right up to the top of biblical Mt. Hermon.

Jennifer, Ruth and Barbara Ann arranged this presentation, brown bag lunch and field walk. They even contracted and got a sunny, wonderful day. Jamestown, New York has a fine, active Audubon Center, with an quality staff and legions of volunteers.

I did try to wish for a magic jet to scoot Virginia, Leslie, Cathy, Sylbie, Phil, Laurence, Jim, Stanley, Erica, Patti, Bo, Peggy, Kim, Dave, Curt, Paula, Marci, Traci, Joanne, Melissa, Holly, Karen, Sharon, Lois and all the rest of you to that place that day, but well, rain checks for all. Butterflies that make you smile! Who doesn’t need that?