Bear Run Reserve’s Pink Lady’s Slipper Orchid

Pink lady's slipper  orchid wildflower photographed at Bear Run Reserve, PA

Photographed at Bear Run Reserve, this Pink Lady’s Slipper was photographed in Bear Run, PA… just across the road from Fallingwater.

I’d driven to Bear Run to locate and photograph Lady’s Slipper flowers, our native orchids. The hike from the Bear Run parking lot was moderate in challenge, but not especially memorable until I discovered this beautiful stand of pink Lady’s Slippers. They were mid-bloom and fresh, fresh, fresh.

I particularly liked this flower, with its dramatic heart-like appearance.

It was just off the trail and its leaves and surroundings pleased me, with their rich green color and stark angles. So I carefully got into position and shot away…with good result!

Such a delicate blossom amidst the giant trees of Bear Run. So accessible for those who seek it.