Protected Holyland Butterfly, Allancastria Cerisyi Speciosa, Flies a Single Month Each Year

Allancastria Ceryisri butterfly is Protected and photographed by Jeff Zablow in Hanita, Israel

What a treat! This HolyLand butterfly, closely related to the swallowtails, can only be found along the Mediterranean Ocean’s coastline. Protected, it only flies a single month each year, April.

Why a treat for me? Without any guidance, I set out to find it, and find it I did! On the outskirts of the village of Hanita, on a sunny morning in that very same April.

Our male is enjoying this HolyLand wildflower, enabling me to score its image. Shooting protected species of butterflies in Israel? Oh, My, Goodness!

So many of you deeply understand my excitement on those forays into the HolyLand. No?