Winter Antidotes III

Disregard the slightly cold weather outside your door. It may be 9F this very moment in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but, soon all that will change. Do you question me? What do I have to support that? Spring is on its way, have no doubt about it. The $800,000,000. industry that sends dozens of catalogs, catalogs offering […]

Anthocharis Damone Butterfly (Protected)

This morning, breakfast was enjoyed while re-reading Pyle’s Mariposa Road (a 3rd read is not out of the question). Among the incredible butterflies recalled in this stretch of his book, was the Desert Orangetip. Great! We’ve posted that pretty here in Breakfast finished, here I am posting, and what better image to share than this Protected […]

Just West of Phoenix, White Tank Mountains Regional Park is a Painter’s Palette of Vibrantly Colored Wildflowers

I’ve been to south-central Arizona several times. This was my first visit in early Spring. It was the first week in March 2008 and Arizona enjoyed abundant rain in February. Nirvana! White Tank Mountains Regional Park, just west of Phoenix was a painter’s palette of vibrantly colored wildflowers. Everywhere, the green was green, the flowers […]