Eastern Strawberry Tree (Mt. Meron)

A tree that rivets your eyes. Found in northern Israel, the Eastern Strawberry Tree’s bark is a color I can only call startlingly red. You just stare at it, and think, “How beautiful.” This instant tree grew on my favorite trail on Mt. Meron, in the uppermost Galilee region of Israel. Loyal followers of wingedbeauty.com […]

Lasiommata Megara Emilyssa – The Image

It’s been four years. I’ve travelled to Mt. Meron in 2013, ’14, ’15 and in February 2016. This year the Israel National Parks Department closed off my favorite mountain trail. My guess is that storm damage during the winter destroyed so many Eastern Strawberry trees, that they just decided to leave the trail as is, and […]

Memories Revisited . . .

Just months ago I stood there, very taken with this fine example of an Eastern Strawberry Tree, the host plant for the Two-tailed Pasha butterfly. That trail was near the peak of Mt. Meron, at the tipped tippy top of Israel, the Upper Galillee region. The tree, well you see it here, OMG! beautiful. The […]

Texas and Israel

Really! I was now on page 101 of Looking for the Wild by Lyn Hancock (Doubleday Canada Limited, 1986), one of several books that retrace the 1953 trip that Roger Tory Peterson and James Fisher took. Peterson and Englishman Fisher spent 100 days monitoring the health and breadth of what was left of American wilderness. Hancock, a native […]