Photographing a Rare Aricia Agestis Butterfly in the Israeli HolyLand

Aricea Aegestis butterfly  Nahal Dishon National Park, photographed by Jeff Zablow at Upper Galilee, Israel

There I was in the Nahal Dishon Park in the Upper Galilee, the HolyLand (Israel). I was there to find and photograph ‘Protected’ Israeli butterflies. It’s never enough for me to just catch a fleeting glimpse of a blurred wing, or mediocre view. I strive to capture more, detail, beauty, unique looks.

I did that here, to my own demanding satisfaction,. Those trailing orangish-red blazes on the 4 wing margins please me. Oft times, my Macro- approach spooks the butterfly, and I either get nothing or I score unsatisfying images. This one? I’m viewing Dubi Benyamini’s field guide, and I’m happy to compare this shot with the images I see. Good. Very good. A rare butterfly, seen and acceptably photographed. The photographer? . . . . Me!


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