Happy Thanksgiving 2020!

Jeff Zablow and his dog, Petra photographed by Jenny Jean Photography

Thanksgiving Day here, and we’re healthy and happy in our new home in beautiful Macon, Georgia. Petra is just fine, and she’s as she always was, a big, fun-loving Black Russian pup, 10 and 1/2 years old, and my  joy and ‘protector.’

We’re having friends join us for Turkey, Stuffed Cabbage, Made-at Home Cranberry sauce, Sweet Potatoes and Baked Cherry Pie. Masks yes, relaxed and pleased, yes.

These years sharing wingedbeauty.com have brought new friends, and I wish you all, here in the U.S.A. and all around the world,  the Best, the very best in life. One of my dreams for 2021 is to meet some of you, for you’re all so very appreciated and so, so, special.

Seasoned I am, happily married (Thank G-d) and so so appreciative (that wonderful word again!) and there’s been no change in me = I love to meet and share with good people, bright people (y’all are) and people such as you, who enjoy, prefer, relish the natural world that we nurture and ‘fight’ to preserve.

Thanks, y’all.

Jeff & Miss Petra