Extraordinary Eastern Tiger

Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly photographed at Raccoon Creek State Park, PA

She was nectaring on native Teasel flowerhead. When I found her, my rocket-fast examination of her wings gave me a sugar jolt! She was extraordinary. There’s always that 1/35th of a second moment of apprehension. Would she leave before I could position my Canon Elan 73 film camera with its Canon Macro- 100/2.8 lens?

Long time ago, very fine photographers, at Pittsburgh’s Filmmakers, opined that it’s preferable to position your main subject somewhere other than at the middle of the image. No time to do that here, for such a once in 10-years female Tiger might, probably might, go, go to another flowerhead or totally go.

I’m a ‘men,’ and some of us remember beauty long after we’ve been Blessed to meet it. I remember this one. The rest? We’ll leave that alone.

Raccoon Creek State Park, Nichol Road Trail, Hookstown, New York, some 45 minutes drive from Pittsburgh, give or take.


4 thoughts on “Extraordinary Eastern Tiger

  1. Very true! Perhaps, this would be one of the best answers to Jeff’s puzzlement “They have never engaged in them”. Thank you!


  2. You’ve described it all, Jeff! Perfectly!
    From the excitement of seeing the butterfly to the apprehension of her flying away before you could capture her beauty!
    Thank you for making me smile with your good sense of humor!


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