Political Storm? Antidote? Pearly Eye!

Northern Pearly Eye Butterfly, photographed by Jeff Zablow at Raccoon Creek State Park in Pennsylvania

I am not a kid anymore, and truth  be told, this Presidential election cycle has captured my attention. Lots of you know some about me, and many know that though I was born in storied Brooklyn, New York, it’s difficult to guess my politics.

What’s shareable is I’ve always been a straight-up, do the right thing, fight like a tiger if you have to guy. Never stole a candy from a corner candy store, never shoplifted, never took a dime from anyone. I’m upset with politicians regularly, though I do recall that they’re not writers, plumbers, dentists, steelworkers, cops or pension specialists . . . for a reason.

I have at times battled with elevated blood pressure, and this political who-done-it has been triggering me, some.

Here’s the antidote for me, and for many of you. Our fascination with butterflies is engrossing, challenging, quite intellectual and I believe most importantly, sustains and nurtures our deep need for visual stimulation. I remember when I noticed this Northern  Pearly-eye butterfly on that Nichol Road trail (Raccoon Creek State Park, southwestern Pennsylvania). I made my slow, patented approach, and I did, I prayed that this Gem would remain there, in place. It did.

It’s beauty? Near overwhelming. Frieda A”H (Of Blessed Memory) had passed, and I very needed jolts of rich beauty and meaningfulness. This butterfly held that leaf, and permitted me to shoot away I Love the result, this.

Beauty, elegance and real-time meaningfulness? Complete antidotes at a time when the real world around disappoints.