Why Think About Scouring The Enormous West?

Lupine Wildflowers photographed by Jeff Zablow at White Tank Mountains Regional Park, Arizona

Daydreaming about how much of the Americans West I’ve not seen, and will never see. What fraction of Americans have visited wingedbeauty.com over these years? I’m in no rush to calculate that. We know that an incredible number of Americans do not think about flora and fauna, nor do they yearn to see photos of butterflies, wildflowers, moths, trees, mushrooms, bees, flies, mantids, vines and more.

I do. I think about all of those things, and I Love to find them and I Love to share what I find with you, just so long as I am able to share images that are worthy of your timed interest.

What brought this on? This image. A wildflower I met in White Tank Mountains Regional Park, just west of Phoenix, Arizona. Like some (most?) of you, this look brings up a pull on me, to go there, and to go to other Arizona destinations, as for example the Chiracauca Mountains in southeast Arizona that are renowned for species of blue butterflies.

America’s west is bigger than big, and will I have the time, money and get up and go to work it for images that will get your Comments & Likes?

Scouring the America west of the Mississippi . . . a man can dream? No? Peggy? Kenne? Melanie? Sherrie? Mr. Pyle himself? Nancy? The Princess of Whidbey Island? Javier?


2 thoughts on “Why Think About Scouring The Enormous West?

  1. As you may have read I’m moving to Arizona next week so if you do come this direction let me know and perhaps we can meet up and look for butterflies and small flowers to photograph. It would be nice to meet you one day.


    • Arizona! A wonderland, with all sorts of different habitat, including one I once visited that was an oasis for botany and wildlife, along a creek that expanded briefly, forming that magical ‘oasis.’ Vladimir Nabokov and his magical Chiricaua (spelling?) blues. I do look forward to trips in ’21, and meeting the famed, oft acclaimed Roxanne Schorbach, would be good, very good.


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