Sing To An Arizona Arroyo

Arroyo Wall photographed by Jeff Zablow at White Tank Mountains Regional Park, Arizona

Early morning at White Tank Mountains Regional Park, west of Phoenix, Arizona. The central desert region of Arizona, in the southwestern USA. Bad Boy Jeff sort of did not honor those signs posted nearby, warning all to not enter the Arroyo, because dry as bones now, a flash storm upstream might/could send a mountain of water your way, without warning.

I’d been to this Arroyo several times, with excellent butterfly finds. Finds I will not forget. What also mesmerized me was the walls of the Arroyo, they drier than bones but . . . .

Beyond those wildflowers, in February bloom, and the other flora and scrub trees on this Arroyo wall, tucked away in the shadows you see, away from the 98 degree Fahrenheit heat that almost took Jeff once, must be amazing desert creatures: lizards, mice, rabbits, scorpions, snakes, spiders, and much unfamiliar to me.

I’d stand there and never know what rested in those cavities, hunkered safely from the daylight and the burning sun. No Ma’am, I will not go there at night, Big Time violating Park regulations, to see what exits those shadows. No Ma’am.

Once, in the early 1980’s, I went with a Manhattan New York friend, who asked if I wanted to see a world famous nightspot, I think its Name was Studio 54 (?) near East 14th Street in Manhattan. We went, and it was the most bizarre place I’ve visited, Ever. I never went back, and the things I saw there, were beyond my belief. That’s what this spot must look like at 1-2 AM!

The things we’ll never see or know . . . .


5 thoughts on “Sing To An Arizona Arroyo

  1. Jeff, I have a healthy respect regarding the dangers of arroyos having grown up in Colorado when we moved from Massachusetts, I would frequently comment about the lack of water as we went over bridges in the highways. After a sudden downpour and cars and lives swept away in an arroyo which became a raging river. But with nary a cloud in sight, it must have been the butterflies that made you throw caution to the wind. I probably would be ignored the signs. Did you find the butterflies you were looking for after all?

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    • Yes, Oh Yes. Please visit the full post on this morning, to read more, and Of How this retrieved Bizarre Memories of one night in 1980’s Manhattan’s nightclub scene . . . .

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      • Jeff, I did after I posted the previous comment. Enjoyable as well but definitely NOT my scene. I saw some odd scenes as a student in Heidelberg, Germany. I prefer nature and your butterflies. Best.

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          • Jeff, haha. Thank you, like-minded soul. Just caught the tail end of a Ken Burns film on PBS about the National Park System and am still awed by the Grand Canyon. Whenever I see the red stones, my soul soars and my mind creates poetry and music. There is great joy and beauty in nature. Keep on enjoying and posting your thoughts.

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