One Of His Most Loved Images

Fly on Jewelweed photographed by Jeff Zablow at Frick Park, Pittsburgh, PA

Ever wonder what images long term nature photographers love the most? Me, I’ve been seriously photographing wildlife and native plant life since about 1990. Of the estimated 100,000 images I’ve captured, this tiny fly, nectaring on a Jewelweed blossom, remans one of my favorites.

Why? It is one of the most soothing, calming pics I think that I’ve ever taken. Do you agree?

Seen and captured at Frick Park, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


2 thoughts on “One Of His Most Loved Images

  1. Not knowing that this was a fly when I first looked at the image and considering the colors & composition it’s a nice picture. Unfortunately, after bringing up Monarch caterpillars over the years I’ve learned to detest flies so for me it is not a soothing and calming photograph. Rox


    • Roxanne,
      In the late 1970’s, we went to the “Garment District” of Manhattan, New York, and on one street, there were some 20 or more stores that sold . . . buttons! I learned that this was the “Button Street” that was the place that clothing manufacturers, across the USA got their buttons from. That schooled me, that there is a market, a time, a place and a following, for everything. This tiny little fly species seeks one thing, the nectar of flowers, and this time, it was ecstatically sipping nectar from this Jewelweed bloom. Me butterflies, but this one view tingled me, and perhaps few but me. Thanks.


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