Found! Another Difficult to Find HolyLand Butterfly

Cyaniris antiochena butterfly photographed by Jeffrey Zablow at Northernmost Golan, Israel

How much does it take to please you? Me? This image did it for me. I found her in the Upper Golan region of the HolyLand. Cyaniris Antiochena Antiochena flies from April to May in the Golan and Upper Galilee regions fo the HolyLand/Israel.

Went there to visit family, and to bring back images of rare butterflies, for you to enjoy. I had no guide, no tips from experts or those in the know. I have a field guide, and good maps. G-d was there for me in the HolyLand, enabling me to achieve my goal of finding butterflies that are 1/2 way around the world, and endangered and difficult to find or shoot.l

I just Googled this one, and Daddah! my image came up immediately! That pleases me, alot. A rare Blue butterfly where Th-y once walked. Still pleasing us, today.


One thought on “Found! Another Difficult to Find HolyLand Butterfly

  1. Great read! It’s exciting to know, that though I’ll never make it to our earthly Holy Land, I can read these excellent stories. I’ve just recently been blessed with an interest in butterflies. Learning all about them and meeting others with this same interest. I’ve enjoyed reading “Winged Beauty Butterflies” by Jeff Zablow. His writings bring you there, right with him! He even describes the feelings that go along with his hunt and findings. Something I find fun, because I can relate! I know the feelings he speaks of. I’m very thankful to him and his companion for taking the time to share their adventures!

    Sultana Beverly-Duke
    Dixie, Georgia


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